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Service and support

Superior performance

Select well-known engines and generators at home and abroad, and design reasonable models and supporting different control systems according to the use demand of the products, so that the products have strong power, stable performance and strong load capacity.

Strong environmental adaptability

The product can operate reliably under the environment of - 25 ℃ - 40 ℃, has strong low-temperature starting ability, and can operate normally under severe conditions such as cold, tropical, sandstorm and humidity. The plateau type product can work normally at an altitude of 5000 meters, with low power loss rate.

Intelligent control system

The control system adopts the combination of multi-functional computer programming module and electronic management system, with the functions of self starting, automatic protection, automatic conversion of municipal power / power generation, multi machine parallel connection and remote control, etc., to realize the comprehensive, intelligent and networked management and control of the product, so as to achieve the best operation of the product and avoid sudden injury.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The engine with world leading technology, high performance shock absorption system and steel base, compact structure design, small vibration, low fuel consumption, low noise, excellent emission index are selected.

Use economy

With standardized design, parts are universal and convenient for product matching and maintenance. Select well-known brand engine, high reliability, long overhaul period. Advanced fuel system and efficient generator

Matching design saves fuel and reduces use cost.

Sales service

To provide users with relevant technical advice, generator selection, load capacity analysis, generator room design, environmental protection and noise reduction design, equipment installation planning.

After-sale service

Provide free operation and maintenance training for unit operators and free lifelong training for technical operators. Establish user data files, record the details of replacement of unit maintenance parts, assign special personnel to track the service, and provide spare parts and accessories to customers at preferential prices in a timely manner.


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