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Maintenance of diesel generator set

Class a maintenance of diesel generator set

I. Daily:

1) check the daily work report of the generator

2) check the generator: oil level and coolant level.

3) daily check whether the generator is damaged, mixed with leakage, and whether the belt is loose or worn

2. Weekly:

1) repeat daily A-level inspection.

2) check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter core

3) drain water or sediment from fuel tank and fuel filter.

4) check the water filter

5) check the starting battery.

6) start the generator and check for any influence.

7) use the air gun and clean water to wash the fins at the front and rear ends of the cooler.

Level B maintenance

1) repeat A-level daily and weekly inspection.

2) change the generator oil. (oil change interval is 250 hours or one month)

3) change the oil filter. (oil filter change interval is 250 hours or one month)

4) replace the fuel filter element. (replacement cycle is 250 hours or one month)

5) replace the coolant or check the coolant. (the replacement cycle of water filter element is 250-300 hours, and add supplemental coolant DCA to the cooling system) 6) clean or replace the air filter. (air filter replacement cycle 500-600 hours)

Level C Maintenance

1) change the diesel filter, oil filter and water filter, and change the water and oil in the water tank.

2) adjust the tension of fan belt

3) check the supercharger.

4) dismantle, inspect and clean PT pump and actuator.

5) remove the rocker arm cover, and check the T-shaped pressing plate, valve guide, intake and exhaust valves.

6) adjust the lift of the oil nozzle and adjust the valve clearance

7) check the charging generator.

8) check the radiator of water tank and clean the external radiator of water tank.

9) add water tank treasure in the water tank and clean the inside of the water tank.

10) check the sensor and connecting wire of diesel engine.

11) check the diesel engine instrument box.


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