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Brief introduction of boduan diesel generator

Founded in 1903 in Marseille, France, Baudouin is now headquartered in CASI, France. For more than a century, Baudouin has been committed to the research, development and production of high-quality engines, providing powerful power for yachts, merchant ships, warships and French land military equipment with its excellent quality. In 1929, bourdouin became one of the three largest suppliers of marine engines in the world; in 1983, bourdouin F11 series engines were equipped with amx10 tanks; in 1989, bourdouin participated in the European offshore F1 Grand Prix for the first time and won the diesel group championship.

In 2008, boduan company joined Weichai group, changed its name to boduan international engine company the next year, established boduan (Weifang) Power Co., Ltd., and established a domestic production base. The company takes customer satisfaction as its tenet, full participation, continuous improvement, adhering to the manufacturing concept of sustainable development, and providing high-quality products and services for the society. Boduan products inherit the professional quality of Europe for one hundred years, strictly follow the European manufacturing process, realize localized production, constantly carry out technology upgrading and process improvement, and strive to provide customers with super cost-effective products and services, and provide inexhaustible power for economic and social development.


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