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Weichai Power Series

Weichai Power Series

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Weichai Power Co., Ltd.HK2338, SZ000338was founded in 2002, with Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor, which attracted qualified domestic and foreign investors. It is the first company listed in Hong Kong's H-share market from Internal combustion engine industry, as well as the first company returned to inland A-share market to achieve further business in China. The company has total assets of 164 billion RMB and global employees of 42,000. In 2016, the company achieved sales income of 93.18 billion RMB and total profit of 4.64 billion RMB, ranked 79th of China top 500 enterprises in 2016.

The company has formed the Weifang-centered all series power industrial base, the Xi'an-centered heavy-duty vehicle and powertrain industrial base, the Chongqing-centered big-power engine and light-duty vehicle industrial base, and the Yangzhou-centered automobile electronics and parts industrial base. Our brands, such as "Weichai Power engine", "Fast Gear", "Hande Axle" and "Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck" are playing a leading and dominant role in the relevant domestic market, forming the concentration effect of brands. On September 3, 2012, the company signed the strategic cooperation agreement with one of the world premier industrial forklift truck manufacturer and the global leader of the hydraulic technology -- KION Group Germany, marked the core technologies of enterprise directly into the world's leading levelrevolutionized the situation of long-term dependence on imports of China's high-end hydraulic products completely. In June 2016, KION Group, one of Weichai overseas subsidiaries, took full control of Dematic, a global logistics transportation service provider, making Weichai a global leader in intelligent internal logistics solution. Weichai's global business is further expanded and diversified, especially in North America, which strengthens its anti-risk ability.

With the sole enterprise-based national key laboratory for the testing of reliability of internal combustion engine, modern "national enterprise technology center", the first-class level product experiment center in China, and "postdoctoral workstation", the company located its R&D centers in the United States, Europe and Weifang, Shanghai, Chongqing, Yangzhou, Xi'an in china. Standing on the global leading research and development platform, the company has undertaken and involved in 22 national projects, scientific supporting plans, international cooperation plans and scientific research projects, achieved 2489 product and technology patent licenses, presided and participated in establishing more than 45 industry and national standards. In 2016, WP9H and WP10H, two high-end models independently developed by Weichai, were successfully launched. They can run as long as 30,000 hours/1.8m miles, which establishes the highest standard in high-speed engine life-circle and fully meet customer's core request for reliability and durability. Weichai has become an important drive for structure adjustment and technological advancement of the industry.

The company has won many important national awards. In 2007, the company won the national quality prize. In 2011, "WP10 / WP12 series heavy duty high speed engine and key technology" was awarded as the special award of science and technology progress of China machinery industry, which has changed history of no special award for China internal combustion engine industry. In 2013, the "Key technology and industrialization of heavy-duty and high-speed diesel engine" project won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, breaking the technology monopoly of foreign companies in the high-speed and heavy-duty diesel engine field.



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